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The Studio

Based in Nairobi – Kenya, we are relentlessly local,
yet globally competitive. Foks & Folks Studio
is where the magic happens. We are
the home of ideal ideas.

The Studio

Our Story

In pursuit of practical branding solutions for a
previous startup, it was evident there was a huge gap.
We needed a clear branding, identity and marketing
strategy yet no one could help us. We developed a
new passion and pursued it… Read more

The Story

Meet the Magicians

Karanja Ayub

Creative Designer

Suzzie Wong

Digital Strategist

The Team

Our Mission & Purpose

Our passion is in your passion’s excellence. We help
brands/businesses find and redefine themself in a
way that resonates with their target market. Our
success is anchored in making you seen,
felt and experienced… Read more

The Dream

Our Core Values

Every worthy organization is guided by certain philosophies
& virtues. At Foks & Folks Studio, even seemingly trivial
factors like being humble, doing more with less, building
solutions not barriers, among others guide our every day
operations… Read more

The Values